The CoAqua story...

Our Mission
Seek out the greatest tasting coconut water. Put it in something truly recyclable!

We once owned a tiny little beach house (shack) on a remote island off the coast of Southern Thailand. We'd spend weeks there every year. On the island were only 20 houses, no roads, no shops and a beach many miles long. From the beach, we looked due west, towards India, many hundreds of miles beyond the horizon. You can only imagine the sunsets and the epic dusk swims in the sunset-tinted waters of the Andaman Ocean.

The island is called Golden Buddha (Ko Phra Thong), a tropical paradise. Endless miles of golden sand beaches, papaya trees, wild monkeys, nesting Hornbills and of course, coconut palms heavy with fresh green coconuts and only the occasional fishing boat puttering by in the distance to remind us that anyone else was in the world. Magical bliss!

We became total coconut water addicts - well, why wouldn't you right? Healthy, tasty, rehydrating and delicious. Right there on the trees in front of our house.

There was perhaps one bummer, and one bummer only. On that endless deserted beach we'd find plastic, plastic bottles, bits of plastic that had once been something but now just a piece of flotsam washed up on our beach. Plastic knows no borders or boundaries it's free to float to where ever it ends up.

We started CoAqua to achieve two things

  1. Produce the best tasting coconut water in the world (because we knew first-hand it existed)

  2. Bottle it in glass ( because adding more single-use plastic to the world is irresponsible and lame)

And so that's our story  - the world's best tasting coconut water in endlessly recyclable glass. No tetrapacks, no single-use plastic bottles. Just pure coconut water straight from the tree to the bottle. In the end, we found the coconuts we were looking for in Vietnam but that’s another story.

Wait, there's more...

So maybe the most interesting thing about us is this; I guess you would call us '#analog-digital-nomads. What do I mean? I mean this, we are a company of two (twopreneurs) we live on the road ( no fixed abode), sometimes Bali, sometimes Los Angeles, sometimes Vietnam... every email that we receive is answered by one of the two of us, every instagram post, facebook post, invoice sent, purchase order placed, compliance document submitted is done by one of the two of us.

You'll find Coaqua in New Zealand, Australia, The US, Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore so it's not like we sell out of one store in our home town - we're all over the place. It's possible to run an analog business (things) and use all the digital tools to enable it...that was our crazy idea and so far, it's working.

Premium Coconut Water

Just the best tasting coconut water


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Bottled in endlessly recyclable glass

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